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Millions of workers suffer work-related musculoskeletal disorders $1 out of $3 spent on worker’s company insurance claims is from inadequate ergonomic protection, resulting in recurring medical expense and medical leaves. Annual costs of claims exceed USD45 billion in USA.


Artificum S7 Chair

Fabric Mesh. Origin: Germany

  • Industrial grade – Certified rub tests enduring 190000 rubs.
    (Typical American chairs are rated 8000 to 130000 rubs, Korean chairs, up to 50000 rubs)
  • Fully breathable
  • Processed with reinforced tightening
  • Heat shrunk to reduce sag
  • Certified to fire-retardant tests
  • Zero-emission in toxic release
  • Made in Germany

Lumbar support

  • Full lumbar support back frame. The entire back frame is ergonomically curved to spinal shape for constant support.
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support reinforcement.

Full-Featured Tilting Mechanism. Origin: Italy

  • Forward tilt
  • Side tilt 
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Tilt lock 
  • Tension adjustment
  • Adjustable arms – Angle, height and depth
  • Seat height adjustment – 19 to 22 inches seat height
  • Italian OEM company for premium ergonomic brands including HM.

The most damaging position to the body.
There is no long-term, permanent cure for degenerated spinal discs.


Headrest support

  • Height adjustable.
  • Fully mesh with certified 190000 rub tests endurance

Narrow top backrest

  • Promote greater arm movement and blood circulation. Allow shoulders to be brought back

Reduces frozen shoulders or forward head syndrome. 

Nylon skeleton frame

  • Robust and light
  • Increases manoeuvrability
  • Plastic injection with pure material. No toxic emission
  • Modular design for long term serviceability

Caster Wheels. Origin: German / USA

  • Hard floor or carpet casters.
  • Made with non-recycled pure material with higher structural integrity and durability.
  • Produced by the most prestigious manufacturer in the world for industrial-grade casters.
  • Casters are the weakest component in the chair, they are covered with an extended 12 years warranty.

Gas Spring. Origin: Korea

  • Reliable with certified stress tests
  • Explosion-proof, inert-gas loaded
  • Produced by the top-end gas spring supplier for the most prestigious brands in ergonomic chairs

Up to 12 years warranty Final assembly in Singapore
Stress test and certified

Warranty coverage:

Casters  – 12 years warranty
Mechanism – 3 years warranty

Gas spring – 3 years warranty

Frame – 3 years warranty


Buyers are entitled to the warranty for the period stipulated above.

The exception of warranty includes but not limited to: 
Wear and tear, abuse of usage, overloading, pilling of fabric, damages from abrasive or sharp objects, misuse, overloading, sound or noise.


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